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Alhamra is derived from Alhamra of Granada, Spain, which has been a center of culture, arts and religious inclusiveness over the centuries. Having been identified as a sacred place in the pagan era, the Alhamra of Spain has been under the rule of different regimes and religions and has lived its life as a mosque and a church among other things. This rich heritage has resulted in it becoming a landmark of unity, inclusiveness, defiance, grace, and grandeur in times of siege. 

Alhamra Art Center, NJ, comprises an art gallery & education center. The art gallery features artwork from local and international artists. The education center holds various activities including art classes, calligraphy classes, workshops, Coffee and Canvas events, open mic poetry and prose recitals and talks. 

We created Alhamra Art Center, in Bernardsville New Jersey along the same principles. For this to become a place where the universal language of the arts is used to encourage dialogue, dispel differences and enhance creativity and compassion. Supporting art education, showcasing local artists, charity events, equality initiatives.



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Anum is a global citizen and passionate artist who uses Alhamra Art Center's creative space to explore art in all forms. As Director she is committed to making every experience at Alhamra an artistic dialogue.

From combined meditation within the space of an art gallery, to culturally immersive dinners, to curated exhibits by artists from various cultural backgrounds, Anum's direction keeps culture central to the heart and art of Alhamra. 


Anum is always on the lookout for creative collaborations and like-minded artists to use the space for community engagement and cultural discourse. Her personal art practice revolves around painting, portraiture, illustration and writing.

Art Director

Anum Z. Rafeh

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Dr. Chaudry graduated from the London School of Economics in 1967 and earned a Ph. D. in Economics from Tufts University (1972). He worked at AT&T from 1968 to 1998, serving as CFO of its Public Relations Division.

He was elected to the Bernards Township Board of Education (1990 to 1995) in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. During 1996 and 1998, he led a volunteer team to create the Bernards Township Community Center that filled a critical longstanding need for meeting space for small non-profit groups and families. He served as Deputy Mayor in 2003 and as Mayor in 2004, becoming the first Pakistani born Mayor in America. He has since continued to be involved with the political process and advocates greater civic engagement by all.

Owner, Founder

Dr. Mohammad A. Chaudry


Dr. Arshia Qasim is a Neurologist ( MD, MRCP, MSc), poet, writer, and artist whose passion and knowledge helped found Alhamra. She applies her neurological studies to the effects of art on brain development and rehabilitation.


She applies her knowledge through initiatives for elevating community voices and putting a spotlight on local art. A self-taught artist specializing in portraits sketches, calligraphy and spaces, Arshia is fascinated with the distance that separates but also links the ‘human’ to the ‘divine’.

Artist, Founder

Dr. Arshia Qasim

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